Approaching Spring 2017!

Chinese New Year has passed, Winter is ending and Spring is coming.

Who says that only boots can be worn during winter?.

Check out what Ms Multi National Singapore 2016 (who is also our regular customers for years), wore on her holiday in Europe.


        Floral Ballerina Pump (8738) 



              Strap Block Heels (8284)


These are things you should take note before you shop for your new pair of shoes.


Shoes tell a lot about one’s personality, and therefore many people are too much conscious about the shoes they buy. Different people have different standards to buy shoes: for some, it is a comfort level, for others, it is the lush and shine that sparks like diamonds. Most of the times, the paramount consideration, when we are buying shoes, is that whether these shoes will match with our clothes. For whatever reason you are buying shoes and no matter how varied your requirements are, there are certain rules that you should know before buying any shoes, and here is a list of 6 such rules

Considering the Budget

The consideration of budget is the most important thing not only when you are buying shoes particularly, but in buying anything in general. I have seen many people buying shoes, even when they don’t need it, only because they are available at sale prices. Many professionals and experts suggest that you shouldn’t buy anything impulsively, instead you should make a list, with the passage of time, that what things you need most.

Shopping at Night

This rule might look weird, but if you are looking for a perfect fit, then you will have to abide by this rule. The rule is that you should buy shoes at the end of the day because with all day walking, your feet swell, and what shoes fit in the morning, will hardly fit in the evening or at night. Experts suggest that you keep on doing the regular activity all day long, and then at the end of the day go to shopping.

Knowing your Arch Type

Knowing your arch type before buying any shoes is also very important because it helps you find the most comfortable shoes for you. Even after searching for all day long, if you can’t find comfortable shoes then you need t blame yourself because you don’t know your arch type. The best thing to know your arch type is that you wet your feet and place it on a white paper: the wet area on the paper will tell you about your arch type. This way, you will be able to understand whether you have a low arch, normal arch or high arch.

Try Different Sizes

It is generally observed that most people when they buy shoes, stick to the number they usually wear and do not try any other number. It is highly suggested that first, you try the number that you typically wear. After that, try two more sizes: first half size bigger and the other half size smaller. After trying all these sizes, it is your choice to buy which size fits you most. It is also suggested that you go for half size bigger because you can accommodate in bigger shoes, not in the smaller. 

Try Walking in the Shoes

Do not buy any shoes without first walking in it for few minutes. Most shoes look extremely beautiful from outside and also seem comfortable while we are sitting wearing them. But once we walk, we come to realize that these shoes are very uncomfortable. The shoes you have bought might be very beautiful, but if you are unable to walk in them, your money is lost. Spend your money on something practical.

Not Always Follow the Trend

The most professional experts suggest that you don’t have to follow the trends all the time, rather you should make your own trends by selecting what you like most and by not caring about what other people will think.


* This guest post is written by Joe Cole, who works at Coupon Goo.




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